Thursday, April 9, 2009

Wed and Thurs

Today is Thursday. Had a good day so far, but T is about home from school so will have to make this quick. First the good news... my polar F6 arrived yesterday-yea! So this morning I was fiddling with it while I was on the treadmill to get all the settings right and see how it works. Even while doing that I was able to burn 307 calories in 40min. Good start to the day. Had my peanut butter toast that Shelley recommends ( I only do this on the days I take her classes, because she works me so hard and I want to have that protein and carb combo that she tells us is good for us). I bought that Sara Lee (45cal/slice)bread Jen recommended, but I threw it in the freezer because while I was at walmart I saw this really grainy wholesome looking bread in the deli and decided to buy that for my toast too. I used that this morning and it was really tasty-little kernels of whole grains in it :) Of course I can't live on bread alone, so I also had a really small bowl of my favorite organic granola cereal with strawberries. Went to the gym and decided to test my new HRM on the inline step class. Even though I sweat a ton in that class I never FEEL like I'm getting an awesome workout. So I measured it. It was 350 calories in 45min. Then, Shelley was sick so she didn't have class and we had a sub. When I found out I almost went upstairs to work on the "gem" but decided to do the class and see what the HRM said. Instead of a Interval Pump, it was just Pump so it was lower intensity than a regular Thurs but it was still a decent class. I burned about 280 cal in that 45min class. Afterwards got in less than 10 min on the gem and rounded out my gym total at 750. So with the morning treadmill and the gym I got 1057 burned cal for the day. Doing good so far especially since I am finally cooking dinner tonight and chicken with broccoli will be healthy. In the last 9 days I think we've eaten out or had take out 6 times! Tastes great and I love not cooking, BUT there aren't a lot of healthy choices on the menus in our town so I know they were high high high calorie meals-ugh! Anyway, that is not typically normal but we had some company and then some late appts that interfered with dinner so we ate out in order to eat at a reasonable time.
Hey guess what-skinny cows are STILL on sale for $2.50 at target. I was there today and had to stock up again (like 12 boxes I think!) because my husband and kids keep eating MY skinny cows! I seriously have only had like maybe 6 since I bought them when the store opened, and I think that was at least a month ago-maybe more? So I am definately rationing them for myself, but no one else is, they just keep plowing through them. I told my husband that my teacher cuts them in half and I thought that was a good idea, and he's like "yeah, but I eat 2 at a time so I don't want to cut it in half" :) ha ha They still are having some really good "new store" specials even trail mix(I know-HIGH calories-but very yummy) is 50% if u buy the big tub-which of course I did :) I did really good with the kids easter baskets this year-really not that much candy and virtually none of MY favorites (so I won't steal them), but today at Target we wandered over to that aisle and I caved and picked up a few packages of reeses eggs, almond joy eggs, and kit kats(for Dan). Sucker! So I'm sure I'll eat a few since the first two ARE my favorites! I met up with a friend of mine for lunch today who I used to work with and she filled me in on all the changes and demotions/firings that have gone on at my old company and I am shocked. That is so sad for a lot of these people and just so weird. REALLY glad I'm not still there now!
Yesterday I clocked in 618calories on a 3.5 mile treadmill run. Happy, but for me its a low workout day since I don't go to the gym on Wednesdays. If I don't burn 1000 calories I feel like I took it too easy. Is that wrong? I don't know.
Anyway, had to take my oldest daughter to the dentist for a last minute appt to check out an abcess she had on her gums that's been there for a week. I truly didn't think it was anything and expected it to go away if we would just quit popping it. But I was wrong. $360 wrong! Turns out she had had a cavity in that tooth and when the dentist filled it, even though it was deep he decided not to do a root canal but instead shot something into the root(don't understand). Anyway, the route he chose failed, and she does indeed have an infection in the bone and the only way to cure it is to pull the tooth. Unfortunately her big tooth isn't going to come in for about 2 years so he has to put a spacer in the hole and she'll have this gap for 2 years. UGH! We have spent SO much money on her teeth (we don't have dental coverage) and its INSANE! Anyway, this was one of those unplanned dinner changes. We were in town and it would have been silly to drive all the way home, eat , then drive all the way back to town (30min each way) for Wednesday night church. So we stayed in at ate at our fave mexican restaurant. I ate a fantastic grilled fish (healthy), I also licked the plate clean of my rice-theirs is soooo good, but have to admit, probably ate 1/3 basket of chips with salsa---oh well (guess I don't need to wonder why my scale doesn't change!)
Anyway, that's my update, I've got some good news to tell you and when I get a chance I will, but hubby's on the way home and "starving" he says, so I'm heading to the kitchen to get that healthy chix cooking :)

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  1. Good news???? (what is it??)
    Rene...if you think 1/3 of a basket of chips is must think I'm HORRIBLE! I can EASILY eat 2-3 FULL baskets of chips ALL by myself! AUGH! But that's one of my favorite things EVER!
    I think you are so dedicated in your work outs and you're trying to eat will see the results you're after! (although I think you look gorgeous right now!) What a horrible thing about T.'s teeth! How miserable that must be for her (and your checkbook!) I hope she gets better quickly.
    It's a blessing to not have to be so affected by this economy isn't it? I hear of people all the time getting laid off and losing their jobs and it's sad...but I just use that as a reminder to say a prayer of Thanks to God for always providing for us! We both have good jobs that aren't in danger. Hallelujah! We need to talk about church sometime....I wanna know more about yours.
    Anyway, I hope your chicken and broccoli was yummy! See you Tuesday!