Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Ok, I am really excited , I just bought this new pair of under armour shorts and they are soooo comfortable! the white side panel is super stretchy so when u squat or lunge they stretch and don't get constricted or uncomfortable. Awesome!!!! The only drawback... they were $35 ! ouch! I think that's a lot of money for shorts, especially since I am a super-duper bargain shopper. But I tried these on, on a whim with a handful of other items (mostly on sale), and these were so awesome I decided it was worth it to buy them. I love em, and can't wait to wear them to my next gym class to "test" them out. If you ever hear of under armour going on sale let me know so I can get more :) (I never see that brand on sale anywhere!)

Now here's a question... they have the attached inner panty (which some of my other shorts do too) but I always wear underwear with them still. Are you not supposed to? Are you supposed to go "commando" as they say on "Friends" since they have the attached panty? All the info on the tags (breathable fabric etc) makes me think that maybe these ARE supposed to be your panties and then maybe all the sweat will wick away instead of cotton underwear staying all wet and sweaty (Yes, I sweat alot, and it drips down my back onto my shorts and eventually onto my underwear, gross I know, but its life). So what's the deal, tell me your thoughts, should you go commando in this type of pants or not????


  1. Oooo, LOVING those shorts! Super Cute!!!!
    Personally I don't wear panties underneath the built in panties. (I only had 1 pair like this, about 10 years ago...they were high waist though, so I chunked them a few years back...need to get me a new pair.)
    It drives me nuts to try and wear panties under those though. I also don't wear any with those tight fitting workout pants/shorts with the built in cotton panty part either.
    Any excuse not to have something extra rubbing on me, or getting out of place and uncomfortable! LOL!

  2. Rene...first off let me say...LOVE these shorts. They looked totally adorable on you the other day!But LOVE YOUR TUMMY even more! You should really toss off the shirt more in class! It inspires me to watch your ab muscles contract as we work out...makes me remember to tighten mine and be aware them more. Anyway...as for going commando in these kinds of shorts....I have always wondered the same thing. I wear undies under mine about half the time. I'd rather not though...so maybe now that I know I'm not the only one who does it..I'll start going "commando" when I wear them. I have 2 pair like this that I wear quite often. I LOVE the idea of the stretchy panel on the sides though. How ingenious! I wish they weren't so expensive or I'd get some!