Friday, April 3, 2009

Good News

Today is Friday, and I have had a good work out week. I haven't eaten perfectly as the fried chicken and pizza will attest to, but prior to dinners I have eaten really healthy, or at least I think so. Today the girls went to town at 6am with their daddy for their usual Friday morning breakfast at a little (seats about 30) restaurant in our small town that has become a regular breakfast stop for us since we found them. This restaurant is known for its gigantic portions (and really tasty food) and they make everything from scratch including cinnamon rolls. However, they only bake them on certain days, Friday being one of them. However, because the girls are there so early every Fri , they often luck out and don't get any because they are still baking. Well, today, the owner or manager(I'm not sure exactly what he is) told them that if they come back later, he'll save one for them, and even give it to them for free since they come every Fri looking for these cinnamon rolls and often don't get them. So I caved (he did say free ya know) and I went and picked up the cinnamon roll this afternoon (T will be so happy when she comes home from school and sees it). This thing is so big it completely fills a fullsize styrofoam to-go box-and even gets squished on top when the lid closes. They guy wanted to give me two, and I'm like "no, no, they can share, one is certainly enough!" Well, that cinnamon roll was still pretty fresh and smelling so good in my car, I had to break into it and have a piece... Heaven. I won't go on and on, but lets just say it was so good I should have gotten the two the guy offerred me. ha ha. So for those of you who don't know me very well... THIS is why I have to work out so much-I really enjoy sweets. Anyway, did have a good workout today. Ran 3 miles while the girls were at breakfast (plus some interval treadmill and I don't remember the mileage right now), then headed to the gym and did Debbie's 2 classes, then got on my favorite machine (remember, the $8000 gem) and did another 30 minutes for another 3+ miles and 364 calories. I've realized IF the numbers on the machines are actually accurate I can burn more calories and get more distance on this gem than on a treadmill, and be LESS winded. Crazy! I do love this machine... which brings us to the REALLY good news... my husband is so incredibly sweet... he's given me the go-ahead on getting one. Can u believe it!? I am so excited! (He has gotten a really good deal worked out thru his gym friend). The only drawback that might put a nix in this plan is that we aren't sure yet if we can manuver this machine into the place we want to put it. It weighs 450 pounds (so not so easy to lift and twist around corners), and we have to take it up a staircase that switches back once and then into a hallway and into the room with only a 29.5" door. The machine is 28" wide, 74" long, and 69" tall. I have found out that a piece on the bottom can come off making it only 60" long ,so the stairs won't be a problem anymore. But I'm concerned about making the turn into my workout room. I'm also told that the top display can be removed making it shorter, but I think I'll go and measure how much shorter tomorrow. It's still going to be really tough to make that turn. I called the store where I looked at them to ask them questions about what pieces were removable and they even offerred to come out and look/measure to see if it would fit...till I told them where I lived (kinda of far away) and then they said wait and talk to the manager when he gets back(he was the guy I spoke to on Monday originally). However, I don't really want these guys to spend their time coming out, when I'm not buying from them. But they don't know that, so they think they are getting a sale, and I just don't feel that's right for me to do to them. However, I really do need to know if it will fit. So I 'm thinking of going to the store and measuring in person when I talk to them about what pieces come off. We'll see. I hope I can make it fit, but I know it will be a royal pain for those involved (namely my husband and whoever he can convince to come help) to get it into place. Not to mention its traveling through all of our new add-on area of the house, so its all freshly painted and new (ie I don't want scratches etc all over the walls or trim or doors). But incase it won't fit I'm going to research online my backup plan which was a true elliptical. Maybe its smaller and lighter, plus I know its cheaper :)
Its a beautiful day here today (almost 70), so when T comes home I promised W that we would go for a bike ride. My hubby is heading to the race track tonight so I won't need to make a full family dinner (just something quick and easy for me and the girls-yea). I don't think I've ever mentioned, but my husband has a huge love for cars. He not only drives a drag race car (tonight), but he also loves old classics that he buys and restores himself (primarily). In fact, that is the reason we built the add-on. He "needed" an additional 5 car garage to house all his vehicles (we are approaching Jay Leno style here I think), and so we built additional rooms above these new garages to expand the house at the same time. This is where my workout room is, over the new garages. So anyway, my husband loves cars because boys have their toys... and hopefully, I'll have my AMT :)

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  1. WOW Rene! That is a LOOOOOTTTT of working out in one day!! Geez---you blew mew out the window!
    And WOW! You get to get your machine!! HOORAY! (now to just get it to fit! :o) Good Luck!