Friday, April 3, 2009

calorie count

I just added up my calories burned today and they were about 1500 (don't have a true measurement for the classes, but just guessing). I'm thinking, Man! with calorie burns like that, you'd think I'd be dropping pounds left(glute) and right (glute)---I hope these start adding up and I do! ugh!
Tomorrow is my "long run day" so I'm hoping to do 6-8 miles before heading to town, so that should be a good calorie burn too. Gotta keep it up!
p.s. still researching other ellipticals incase my "gem" doesn't fit thru the doorway/hall.
we'll see what happens.
p.s.s. I forgot to tell you, I ordered that Polar F6 HRM watch off the internet and it should be arriving soon. Can't wait! Didn't get as good of a deal as Jen (kept getting outbid on ebay), but I am saving $20 off the price of going to the sports store to get it. :)
p.s.s.s. Speaking of saving money, I also bought another pair of my Asics running shoes, but in a new color. They were $10 cheaper at this chain sports store, than the specialty running store that I bought my first pair at. woohoo! gotta love a discount! Plus , now that I know what my foot type is (over-pronated), now I know which shoe to look for, so if it goes on sale I can grab it up too.
p.s.s.s.s. My honey is still at the race track. Its getting late, so I hope he's having fun. Today was test-n-tune, and if all goes well , he said he was going to enter a race tomorrow. Won't know till he gets home how it went.


  1. Wow Rene! that is a lot of calories. With those kinds of numbers you will SURELY be losing weight! I love how you specified left (glute) and right (glute)! Very cute!!
    YAY for your new heart rate monitor. You're gonna love it!
    YAY YAY for getting a good deal on good shoes! I sooooo need some new ones.....but I have no idea what kind I need.
    I am soooo looking forward to Shelley's class Tuesday. (although I ran into her at Wal-Mart yesterday and she said she's been sick ever since Thurs. with a cold). I hope she feels better!

  2. Oh and one more thing...I just thought I'd brother has a show car he's trying to sell. I know it's a long shot...but he's desperate to get rid of I thought I'd mention it to you since you said your hubby loves cars. It's a camaro..1981 I believe. It's completley redone with the exception of a new paint job but it's had TONS of work done to it and it's got some crazy-insane awesome stereo in it. Anyway, holler if you want more info.