Thursday, April 23, 2009


I haven't wrote in a while because I don't just want to give you a diary of what I eat or what exercise I do. There just wasn't anything that exciting going on to blog about. However, yesterday I did plant my cannas bulbs in the flower garden and did wash the car (beautiful day). W was a lot of help while washing the car :) The cannas are supposed to bloom from June to November, so I am looking forward to getting more color in the flower bed as the tulips have almost all faded away. We also took a walk to the school to see T while she was on recess. We took our beagle Lucy with us, the kids loved saying hi to her. When we got back I was real tired so when I put W down for her nap I laid down on my bed for a few minutes because I just didn't have the energy to go do treadmill. Wound up falling asleep for 1 1/2 hrs! That is unheard of for me, first of all to take a nap, and secondly to miss my workout for no good reason (except exhaustion).
Woke up the morning with no treadmill workout either. Going to try to go to the gym and make it through the classes. Hopefully, will have enough stamina to carry me through.
I braided the girls hair last night after their baths and now they are little frizz-heads, too funny.
Told my husband I should just pack away my "skinny" clothes and chill out. He said I wouldn't be happy. Is that really that I won't be happy or that HE won't be happy? HMMMMM? Although he's probably right , I just want to chill a bit. We'll see what happens. Talk to ya later!

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