Friday, April 10, 2009

one pound-I think?

Well I think the scale might be saying that I've finally lost ONE pound. My scale has the needle that swings back and forth so unless its over 2 pounds its kinda hard to see any change. Anyway, I'm thinking is it just the needle or have I FINALLY started to break this plateau that I've been on for MONTHS? I hope its breaking. So I pulled out my food log and tallied everything up for the last 2.5 weeks. Taking into consideration my caloric intake(+), my exercise burns(-), and my # of calories supposedly needed just to sit on the couch and breath (-1400 per day per the internet), I have a negative of 5830 calories. Which, I believe one pound is like 3600 calories. So maybe, my one pound loss is true. But u should be able to lose 2 pounds safely in a week and its taking me 2.5 weeks to lose ONE pound. That just doesn't seem fair or right does it?! (And I'm not even really sure if I've lost a pound or not-darn needle). Anyway I'm beginning to feel like I'm on the right track-maybe my legs are getting thinner. But its my butt that's got to start shrinking in order to fit into my summer clothes! AND I'm daydreaming about the Easter candy I bought and I want to eat it----dumb dumb dumb to buy what I like, why did I succumb to the weakness yesterday???! However, I do have good news. I am supposed to bring a dessert to my in-laws on Sunday and I was going to make a cute shaped cake. But I'll eat it. So instead I am going to make pudding and jello desserts that I won't eat. I don't like jello and pudding. Getting smarter every day aren't I? :)
Went to T's school today and helped the kids color eggs. Went to W's gymnastics class-she is actually getting pretty good-very cute! (3.5 yrs old).
I am planning on doing 13 miles tomorrow to prepare for the run in May, so today I only walked on the treadmill this morning while the girls went to breakfast with daddy. Got 398 calories there, then got another 750 at the gym between 2 classes and 16min on the gem. Had a sub AGAIN, in both classes. Surprisingly, it went very well. I actually liked it and it was a decent workout. I think this teacher is happier now than she has been in the past about certain classes, so she does the class with a better attitude now and that helps everything. Anyway-so that was good.
Did you know that trail mix is 170 cal for 3 tablespoons! I was freaking out because when I eat it, I eat it by the handful and I'm thinking HOW MANY tablespoons must be in a handful!!?? Well, I measured it. Its only 2. So that was good news because I thought it'd be like 5 or 6, and at 170 a pop, that just blows your whole day doesn't it?
I'm off tonight to the race track to watch my hubby in the drag races for the first time, I'll fill u in on how it goes later.

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  1. Yay...a pound!! You HAVE to be seeing some results with all your HARD work and better eating! That's amazing that you had that kind of calorie deficit for the week!
    Keep up the great work! You inspire and encourage me!
    Ps. We are BOTH getting smarter every day!