Sunday, April 5, 2009

odds and ends

Today is Sunday, I actually missed a day and I was the one who said I definately WOULDN'T write here every day, but I virtually have. I guess you could say I've found it to be very fun. Alot more fun than facebook. I really do keep trying to get interested in that thing, but it just bores me and drives me nuts with information I don't need (probably what u think when u read this, ha ha). I need to figure out how to close my facebook account-anyone know how?

Anyway, Dan went to the test and tune. When he came home he said he had done really well( 9.9 seconds in the quarter mile on both passes), so he was happy and said he would enter the real race on Saturday. I asked how much it cost and he said "$300, but the winner gets $7000!" I said "Oh good, because you can use that to buy my AMT", he laughed that off and assured me he wouldn't be winning since it was his first race of the year.
He was right, he didn't win. But he had fun, so that's good. He ended up going back again on Sunday and he is pleased with the performance of the car, however, even he admits, its the "driver error" that needs work in order to improve and win more rounds. ;)

I went and did measurements yesterday on the AMT to see if it will fit-I hope it does.
I did my "long run" yesterday as I had planned and was able to get in 8 miles in 76 minutes, which burned 970 calories. Which is nice. But it made me realize I don't want to run forever. I've made some running goals that I want to attain (see below)

1. half marathon in May (my second)
2. annual city Run in the fall (my second)
3. Full Marathon in the fall (my first!)
4. then maybe run the annual city run every year-if I want to.

But when these races are over, I don't want to HAVE to run to prepare for a race. If and when I run, I want to be able to do it just because I want to, and am enjoying either the outdoors or the excercise, without feeling like I HAVE to do it. When I am running to prepare for a race I feel like I have to run the whole thing to make sure I have the stamina and endurance to do the race and therefore, can't take a break and walk a minute or two if I'm tired. That's why, after I reach these goals, I will be running just for fun. That also allows me to get more of my exercise from other avenues that I enjoy more, such as my classes or the AMT (hopefully). ;)
Because, even though I did DO the 8 miles I had planned, I have to tell you, it was HARD. I really wanted to slow it down to 5MPH or even walk a minute or two to catch my breath and come back strong. But when I'm in a race my goal is always to run the WHOLE thing without walking (except for water breaks), so if I'm practicing for a race, I have to run that way too, to make sure I can do it again on race day. Anyway, I told this to Ashley today and she says I said the same thing after my first 5K. I'm not sure if she's right or not ,but it does sound familiar so I might have said that. However, THIS time I MEAN it :)

Not too much going on today, its Sunday which is our relaxing day at our house. My oldest daughter T just came downstairs from her nap and informed us she had woke up and didn't want to go to sleep again. We said "ok, but u look tired. Why don't u sit on the couch with your book for awhile?" She did. That was 5 minutes ago and I just walked past her and she is sound asleep again :) too cute. Book still in her face and all.

We had fellowship dinner at our church today (we all bring pot luck), the girls and I had made these eggs out of jello. They were cute and a real hit with all the kids. I'll have to make them again. I'll post a picture sometime too. Anyway, time to go, hope u have a great day!

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  1. Hey you! That's so cute about T. falling alseep with the book! They never want to admit they're tired, huh? (just the opposite of us!)
    I'm like you...FB has nothing on Blogger! ha ha but really...FB is so "surface" and I really like to get to know people more than just what they're doing at the moment or what they had for lunch. I just can't get into it.
    Your fellowship lunch at church sounds fun! I wish we went to a bit smaller church so we could do things like that. I love our church..and our service last night was amazing...but it's hard to form close relationship when there are SO MANY people.
    Ps. I have to say....I know what resturant you were talking about with the cinnamon rolls. Shame on you--girl you should have saved some of that huge thing for ME! ha ha
    Just kidding...but I do LOVE that place. Their veggie omlet's making my mouth water just THINKING about it! We should meet there some Sat. Morning for breakfast. I'd love to meet your hubby and introduce mine to you. Plus, we know our kids would love it!