Thursday, April 16, 2009

burning calories, but no results yet

I get on the scale every day. A little OCD? Maybe, but I don't care. It is STILL 143, and after burning 1539 calories today (300 step class+400 interval class+109 jog w/dog and bike+360 AMT + 370 3-mile run on treadmill) I would expect a little "love" in the scale department, ya know? Doesn't it understand I just went through H and back, for it to move 1/8 of an inch? But it won't budge. Just one more pound, then in a few days, another pound, etc etc etc, then I'll be on the home stretch to my 135 pound goal (and my clothes will fit). But nooooo, it stays still. I even ate really well yesterday, not just good food (which I'm starting to crave instead of junk food-this means I'm rounding a corner-woohoo!), but I ate every few hours yesterday (and was hungry) so I know my metabolism was getting better. But still... no love from the scale. Maybe tomorrow??
Anyway, did my AMT and treadmill AFTER class today while W was napping instead of this morning before the girls woke up because I was just too tired last night to set the alarm and get up this AM. I think I actually fell asleep for a few minutes on the couch in the back office at church last night, while I was waiting for church to start (I had gotten there pretty early and as soon as I got there I suddenly realized I hadn't sat down all day, so when I did sit down to wait for it to start, I suddenly got extremely tired. I went in the back and laid down to rest for a few minutes-needed my energy since I was going to be teaching the 3yr olds-and whoop, I dozed off!) Guess, my body needed it. So that's why I didn't work out before the gym today, sometimes, U really got to listen to your body and take a break when it tell u too. Tomorrow my friend Ashley is joining me at the gym for 2 classes so I am really excited. Saturday, Jen and I are going to do her first 5K- woohoo! She's all worried about me leaving her in the dust, and the truth is, she's so competitive, she'll probably leave me! I know she'll do great and it will be a lot of fun to do it together. I have to admit, I work out better when she's around. I know she's pushing every inch of the way, so even though I'm exhausted and want to pass out in some classes, I keep going. (Our teacher says not to compete-but you know we ALL do!) Its life and if competition makes you push it to the next level and better yourself, then I think its a good thing. I know for me, when I try to do stuff at home, I'll get tired after maybe 10 reps, and I will push it to 20, but then I'll stop. Whereas, when I'm at the gym, and there is someone telling me to keep going, then I push and push and push and wind up doing 50 or 100 or whatever it is we do. I don't even know because I'm trying so hard to "remove myself from the pain" that I never count from start to end to even know what we really do. There used to be this instructor at the gym about 7 years ago who taught an abs class. He was ex-military. Most people didn't like him because he was pretty abrupt and hard-core. But I LOVED him. That's the kind of motivation that keeps me going. Sick, probably. But yell at me and I'll yell back, all the while finishing the set! ha ha!
It is a beautiful day here so the girls and I are heading outside to play. see ya!

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  1. Grrr...Rene I feel your frustration! I've been stuck around 134 for EVER it seems like! At one point (last week) the scale said 131 and I was so excited...but then this morning it said 133. I really wanted to kick it!
    However...if you are burning 1500+ calories in a single day...girl you have GOT to see some results soon! ESPECIALLY if you are doing right by your eating...and feeding your body healthy "fuel" foods every 3 or so hours. It may take a few days to "catch up" with you...but hang in there and don't give up just yet. I can almost guarantee you at that rate of working out and if you keep up your eating like you did will have lost a pound or two within a week.
    (Look at me talking---the one who can't to 125 if my life depended on it! ha ha)
    I know I'm eating 90% right...and I know I'm getting in plenty of work it's the proper balance of the two that I need to figure out. I have a great article by Jillian Michaels I am gonna send you via e-mail about plateaus.
    Thanks for being so sweet about me in this post. I am THRILLED to think that I am pushing YOU...but in my's just the opposite! YOU are pushing ME!! I look at you and think...grr..if she can do it, then I am gonna do it!! :) Except yesterday on those tricep dips when I litereally could not do it. My arms were buckling and giving out on me after about 15-20. I have rarely had that ever happen in all my training...where my body literally gives up before my mind. Usually it's just the opposite. Our minds give up way before our body needs to.
    Wow...I'm really writing a long comment! he he
    Okay and lastly, I TOTALLY know what you mean about not counting how many reps we do at the gym! It's funny that you said that because just yesterday I was listening to the tape Shelley gave me and trying to make up a routine and I thought "I have no idea how many reps we do of stuff in there" because just like you..I am in so much pain that I am just closing my eyes and going to "my happy place" (which actually happens to be exactly where I'm standing).
    Annnnnyyyway...I'm looking forward to tomorrow. No working out for me today. I am giving my body a much-needed rest.'s killing me already. I actually woke up wanting to work out. Ironic. Okay..I think I've written enough! I'll call you later on today and we cna figure out what we want to do in the morning! :)