Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Well, its Tuesday. I'm here writing this as my youngest daughter is teasing our beagle with her peanut butter sandwich "look mom, when I lift my hand in the air(with sandwich in hand), Lucy looks up!" yes, she does, she'll follow that sandwich anywhere hoping to nab it :)

Started the day out right. Got on the treadmill shortly after 6am and did over 3miles. I did a slower pace (about 5-5.5 mph)for most of it because I knew we had Shelley's new class today and I didn't know what to expect, so I wanted to conserve some energy for it. Ate 2 eggs, 1 hashbrown, and OJ for breakfast. Which isn't bad (few hundred cal), but worth it I think because I wanted the protien of the eggs for the class. After class was able to get on the regular elliptical with "Marathon Mandy" for just about 20 minutes, so burned another 200 calories. Overrall, I think I burned about 1000 (but that's just guessing on the classes since my Polar HRM hasn't arrived yet!) I am so bummed, supposedly it was shipped Fri, so I was really expecting it in the mail today, but its not here yet. Class was good, we did lots of old-fashioned crunches today (which we don't typically do in any of the classes I take) and I really liked it. I like crunches, I feel them, so I know they are working. Alot of our stuff is core-oriented, so u are almost always working your abs, but crunches just really put all the focus on it so I like it lots :)
The new class was good too. We didn't know what to expect and I don't think Shelley knew what to expect either, but it was good. The only thing is that we had done a ton of squat exercises in the first class so by the time we got to bootcamp, my thighs were aching. We'll see how these classes pan out, because I may have to hold off on my morning run on tuesdays to make sure I'm ready for the classes--maybe I could do the run when I get home? we'll see.
Anyway, did good for lunch, just a few hundred cal again with cereal and strawberries. Although I actually measured my cereal today and I realized that if the box says 120 cal serving, I need to just double it, because I'm eating 1.5 cups instead of just 3/4 of a cup in my bowl. I'm willing to double it though because I think that is the right size for an adult. Just like instant oatmeal, I'm sorry, but one bag is what I give my 3 yr old(and she even asks for seconds sometimes),when I eat instant oatmeal I have to use 2 baggies. Wow oatmeal has a lot of cal, at least the instant kind does (I'll have to compare it to the homemade kind and see if its a difference). But again, I think its worth it, because oatmeal is so good for you. Yes, we need to watch caloric intake, but we can't just eat air-food and ignore food that has fuel for us. We just need to avoid high sugar/bad fat/carb food. But we still do need some sugar,good fat, and some carbs. I don't even know why I'm acting like I know what I'm talking about----I'm the one who is still trying to lose 10 pounds and the scale isn't moving! ugh!
Speaking of food, as I mentioned we are getting pizza/cheesesticks/calzones tonight for dinner. I think I can refrain from the cheese sticks. But I know I will be eating the others. I just looked up on calorieking.com (great website by the way) how much a pepperoni pizza slice is , on average its about 380 calories! So the question becomes, do I just eat 2 pieces. Or do I eat more and try to work it off my doing extra workouts????? I guess we'll find out what happens tonight.
Tonight is Biggest Loser--we love that show. We usually DVR it so we don't always watch it on Tuesday.

P.S. Yes, I know I could make that pizza healthier by avoiding pepperoni and using veggies instead. BUT... we ordered a pepperoni one last week (we had company staying with us),and our local pizzaria (spelled right? looks weird) has really good pepperoni pizza. Its the first time we'd gotten regular pepperoni, and its just the way I like it where the pepperoni get curly and crispy on top--YUM! Probably won't stop at two slices tonight, can u tell? ;( oh well, still gotta live. My husband happens to be a gym rat too, and he always says the reason he works out so hard is so he can eat what he wants. Its a theory, but I think it works better on the male body than on the female body . bummer.

T's almost home from school, then we are heading to the library and gymnastics...see ya!


  1. Hey Chicka! I can't believe I forgot to look at your hair today!!! I guess when it's in a pony tail..it probably isn't as noticable! I totally know what you mean about it feeling like a wet whip in class though!! Mine is definitely in that stage. I put it up in a REALLY high pony on Saturday and that worked WAY better...but I can't do that on days I wear a hat. Anyway....WOW! I can NOT believe you ran 3 miles BEFORE Shelley's classes! You are more of a maniac than I am, I think!!! Plus then afterwards you did 20 min on the elliptical??? HOLEY MOLEY!! You definitely shouldn't worry about eating 2+ slices of pizza tonight! mmmmmm....pizza....makes my mouth WATER! I am having a really tough night...wanting what I call "naughty" foods REALLY bad.
    Wonder if I'll be able to stay strong all night..?? I just ate a gigantic banana and a small handful of almonds to try to hold me over.. WE'll see. Anyway, I've been DVR'ing Biggest Loser tonight and I think I'm gonna go get on my jammies and get all comfy in my bed and watch a little before I doze off. Hope you have a great Wednesday!

  2. Oh ya...it's 8:41...you're probably already in bed snoozing away! ha ha ha ...j/k

  3. Hey Rene', just here again catching up. =) Don't forget, muscle weighs more than fat, so even if your scale isn't "showing" it, you're probably feeling (and looking) more toned...just reading your blog I feel LESS toned!!! It's all relative. Don't fret about the numbers! And for pete's sake, eat and ENJOY a couple pieces of pizza. with pepperoni.